Don Patricio, estamos aquí!

Calling all Betis Irish!

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So, you're a fan of Real Betis Balompié! Maybe you're a Sevillian living in Ireland. Or maybe you're just Irish. You've been a fan for a lifetime...a few years...a week! You've heard of Paddy Don Patricio and you want to be a pilgrim! Or is it that you're a Béticos simply because of the green and white stripes?....It doesn't really matter where the inspiration comes from. By being here, you're already in The Family. We at believe that the Betis Family is REAL! We know it is...Spend a weekend in Seville, wear the colours, maybe even a ridiculous looking shamrock encrusted glittery bowler hat, and you'll notice nods and winks, indulge in handshakes and fist-pumps; subtle but sure acknowledgement of La Familia Béticos. Spend a day in Palma del Río, for example, and you'll discover its true meaning. We are Los Béticos de Irlanda...Join Us!